With green i am, you’ll find living well doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.  In fact, I thrive on saving you money, simplifying your life, and sharing the real dirt on clean….

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Tests of cord blood show newborns have already been exposed to more than 200 potentially hazardous chemicals in the womb.

Did you know that 
 indoor air quality can be up to five times worse indoors as compared to out?

Furthermore, out of the 81,000 chemicals registered with the EPA in the past 30 years, fewer than 20% have been tested for toxicity!

Common cleaners give off fumes that have been linked to increasing the risk of your kids developing asthma, the most common serious chronic childhood disease.

1 in 13 school-aged children has asthma.  Rates in children under five have increased more than 160% from 1980-1994.

To give "a face" to these facts, I encourage you to read about my life changing event, which is the inspiration for green i am.


I hate to break it to you, but, despite the fact that your home should be the safest place in the world, it may not be.

Here's a quick test...go to your cleaning cupboard, toiletry bag, or just pick up any household cleaning or personal care product. Does it contain sodium hydroxide, butyl cellosolve, phenol, ammonia, hydrochloric acid or formaldehyde? These–and more–may be toxic. Toxic as in dangerous, as in hurtful, as in not very clean at all. Home is no place for stuff like that. So start by getting rid of those troublemakers. Responsibly, of course.

Then what?  Replace them with safe, non-toxic alternatives.  Paralyzed by all the choices? I was too.   Because let's face it, even products that call themselves green and/or natural, usually aren't.  So, the problem becomes - who do you trust?   

The one and only one source that I trust for their amazing quality, really affordable, and truly green products is
Shaklee - a company that has been living in harmony with nature for over 55 years!   Talk about being green when green was just a color.  I've featured a few of their products on my services/products page That said, know that there are other great companies - such as Seveneth Generation, and California Baby - offering safe and non-toxic products.  And for the DIY, there's lots of great recipes using ingredients you'll probably find in your kitchen.  Again, it's really who do YOU trust?  Lots of options...get informed...find the right option for you!

I've made it my mission to get to the facts - like getting the real dirt on clean. I've uncovered the marketing fluff and removed the guesswork.  
  Here's the interesting thing- when I started making different -more informed- choices, I discovered the secrets to living well, simplifying my life and going green.  My "small" actions began to make a huge dfference in the quality of my life and my family's life.
  And here’s the irony, my preferred products choices are not only super safe and work, they’re actually cheaper than most alternatives.  (As an example, for cleaning products, see cost comparison.)  So, join me in making better choices while saving money too. 

Knowledge is power!  I'd love to share what I've learned so that you can experience the benefits of living well while living responsibly.  So, I invite you to contact me.  I can't wait to hear from you!